Advancing Reforms in Armenia with Visegrad Four’s Know-how

The project focuses on topics set among reform priorities by the Armenian government and the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement. It includes five modules:

- Central European countries’ policies and support to reforms in the Eastern Partnership region;
- civilian security sector reform;
- healthcare reform;
- renewable energy sector development;
- IT sector, e-governance and information society development.


The first, introductory module on the Central European states’ policies, took place in July 2020 (see project materials below).

The project will familiarise Armenian civil servants and policy experts with Visegrad Four’s experiences and experts’ specific recommendations, as well as stimulate policy-focused discussions. After each module, a policy paper with recommendations (in Armenian) will be prepared by CPS staff and affiliated experts, and distributed among public officials, policy experts, civil society organisations, higher education institutions and other relevant audiences.


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Grant #22010376

Project partners:

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The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.


Module 1: Central European countries’ policies

1. Polish perspective on the Eastern Partnership webinar with the editor-in-chief of Visegrad Insight Wojciech Przybylski (3 July 2020): videopresentation and the publication mentioned in it.

2. Czech perspective on the Eastern Partnership webinar (13 July 2020): video with address by the Deputy Head of Mission of the Czech Embassy in Armenia Jan Plešinger and report by Věra Řiháčková, Associate Research Fellow of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

3. Slovak perspective on the Eastern Partnership webinar with address by the Ambassador of Slovakia in Armenia Miroslav Hacek and report by Prof Alexander Duleba, researcher at the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (22 July 2020): video, presentation.

4. Hungarian perspective on the Eastern Partnership webinar (24 July 2020): video with report by András Rácz, senior fellow of the Robert Bosch Centre for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.

Module 1 summary: Eastern Partnership: Visegrad Four countries' policies paper (in Armenian).




Module 2: Civilian security sector reform

1. Civilian security sector reform: Selected and underestimated aspects of the reform and sustainable development of law enforcement agencies (8 February 2021): video with a welcome address by the Head of the Political Section at the EU Delegation to Armenia Jan Plešinger and presentation by Dr Petr Pojman, founding member and member of the executive board of the Czech Society of Criminology, and additional reading suggested by Dr Pojman.

2. Civilian security sector reform (22 February 2021): video with a welcome address by the Ambassador of Slovakia to Armenia Miroslav Hacek and presentation by Vladimír Tarasovič (senior researcher, Slovak Foreign Policy Association).

Article by the Armenpress agency (in Armenian and Russian) and
post by the Embassy of Slovakia in Armenia.

3. Civilian security sector reform (23 April 2021): video of discussion with Wojciech Lorenz (analyst, Polish Institute of International Affairs).








Module 3: Healthcare reform

1. Healthcare Reform Efforts in Hungary in 2006-2008: Lessons for Armenia (15 February 2021): video of discussion and presentation by Balázs Váradi (senior researcher, Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis).

2. Healthcare reform in Slovakia (5 May 2021): seminar video and presentation by Martin Smatana (member of the European Commission’s social protection committee).







Module 4: Renewable energy sector development

1. Slovakia’s experience with renewable energy sector (9 February 2021): video of discussion with Irena Jenčová, editor of

2. Poland’s experience with renewable energy sector (25 February 2021): seminar video and presentation by Paweł Musiałek (director of Centre for Analysis of Jagiellonian Club).

3. Hungary’s experience with renewable energy sector (12 March 2021): video of discussion with László Szabó, director of the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research.

4. Expert discussion (in Armenian) Sustainable energy development in Armenia (6 April 2021).

Presentations (in Armenian):

  1. Armenia's energy sector development strategy before 2040
  2. Renewable energy in Armenia
  3. Potential for energy efficiency development in Armenia






Module 5: IT sector, e-governance and information society development

1. Poland’s experience in IT sector and e-governance development (22 February 2021): video of discussion with Maciej Sadowski (CEO, Startup Hub Poland).

Module 5 summary: