Protecting democratic values by tackling pandemic-related disinformation

The project purpose is to monitor and analyse disinformation and media manipulations related to the coronavirus pandemic, and possible use of pandemic-related fake news and propaganda in order to influence or destabilise the situation in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in EaP countries. The project will compare manipulations by means of electronic media and social media in the context of the pandemic, with attention to the general and more specific, country-related narratives and methods, as well as connections between involved proxy groups.


The project is implemented in cooperation with the Experts for Security and Global Affairs Association (Romania), and the Latvian Institute of International Affairs.


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Project events will resume in September. Please follow our page for additional information.




Video of the international roundtable discussion COVID-19 Conspiracies as Component of Hybrid Threats in the EU and EaP (31 July), and a report by the Armenian News and Analyses.


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