Disinformation analysis and development of analytical skills

This project is expected to have its contribution to the development and delivery of evidence-based, accurate information, the conditions for which have only worsened in result of COVID-19. The project is expected to counter disinformation in Armenia, which aims to discredit democratic values in the country.


The pandemic, among other difficulties and challenges, has negatively influenced the opportunities for public to receive accurate information, which is frequently manipulated by anti-democratic partisan forces. For that purpose the project will be developing and providing COVID-19-related information to public and government authorities. In doing so, the project is also expected to have its contribution in providing the aggressive decentralised and united response by civil society against intentional disinformation. The team will conduct analysis, research and educational activities for civil society, policy community and youth.


The project is implemented with financial support from the Open Society Foundations - Armenia.​​​​​​​



Project outcomes will mostly be published in Armenian, but some materials in English may be available on this page later.