- promotion of democratic values, democratic political discourse and pluralism of opinion;
- strengthening of the rule of law, civic freedoms, citizens' rights and dignity;
- empowerment of civil society by development of knowledge and awareness, as well as stimulation of society's active involvement in policymaking;
- contributing to transparency of the work of state and municipal institutions, and organisations providing public services;
- studying domestic and regional political, economic, social, cultural and other issues, as well as relevant international experience, with the purpose to inform the society and to develop policy recommendations;
- contributing to economic reforms and sustainable development; supporting free market economy by means of awareness building, consulting and training;
- promoting Armenia's participation in regional and international cooperation, supporting establishing of stable peace;
- developing capabilities in the field of social sciences and promotion of international cooperation in this field, developing cooperation between Armenian and foreign experts;
- contributing to development of young professionals' knowledge and skills.


- research, monitoring, analysis and forecasting;
- elaboration of expert opinions on relevant issues and policy recommendations;
- activities aiming at prevention and resolution of conflicts;
- organising conferences, seminars, discussions, study courses and trainings;
- dissemination of research outcomes and expert assessments by means of publications, newsletters, briefings, etc.

The Centre for Policy Studies is an independent research and public policy institution


- security issues;
- regional issues;
- conflicts and peacemaking;
- democratisation, transition and good governance;
- civil society;
- economy and business;
- monitoring of mass media.


In addition to institutional cooperation within the ongoing project frameworks, CPS is a member of

- the European Observatory against Disinformation (joined on 30 March 2020);
- the Network of Think Tanks on the EU’s Eastern Partnership launched in September 2020 by the German Council of Foreign Relations (DGAP) with the support of the European Commission.