Report The Different Approaches of Christian Confessions to COVID-19 in Armenia, Belarus, and Ukraine, with a contribution by CPS vice president Armen Grigoryan, has been published by the EAST Research Center.

19 March 2021 CPS vice president Armen Grigoryan's article, Some Lessons about Civil Society’s Role during the Pandemic, published by the Black Sea NGO Forum.

22 Feb. 2021 The seminar on civilian security sector reform organised within the Advancing Reforms in Armenia with Visegrad Four’s Know-how project framework, with a welcome address by the Ambassador of Slovakia to Armenia Miroslav Hacek and a presentation by Vladimír Tarasovič (senior researcher, Slovak Foreign Policy Association), was covered by Armenpress agency (in Armenian and Russian).

17 Feb. 2021 We had the pleasure to co-host the National Consultation on Rule of Law in Armenia organised by the German Council on Foreign Relations within the Network of Think Tanks on the EU’s Eastern Partnership framework parallel with similar consultations in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
Outcomes will feed into the next high-level think tank event and expert workshop linked to the Eastern Partnership summit, which may take place towards the end of the Portuguese EU Presidency (May/June 2021).

11 Feb. 2021 CPS vice president Armen Grigoryan participated in the discussion organised by Freedom House, The Current Narratives About The Correlation of Democracy, Human Rights and Security in Post-War Armenia: True or False?

5 Feb. 2021 CPS vice president Armen Grigoryan participated in the discussion organised by Media Centre, Anti-Western, Anti-Liberal Moods In the Caucasus in 2020. Inside the Propaganda Kitchen.


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Concluding international roundtable discussion within the Protecting Democratic Values by Tackling Pandemic-Related Disinformation project framework


CPS vice president Armen Grigoryan's interview Armenia and the Transportation Connectivity Geopolitics of the South Caucasus published by Strategic Analysis (Slovakia).

Caucasus Analytical Digest No. 115 (May 2020), The COVID-19 Pandemic in the South Caucasus, featuring CPS vice president Armen Grigoryan's contribution on Armenia.